Dnister held its 59th Annual General Meeting on Sunday 4th November 2018 at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Hall in Essendon. The meeting was attended by Members including representatives from Plast, Kalyna Care, the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria (Central Branch) and the Latvian community.

The main items of business were the Chairman’s report and the approval by Members of the reappointments of David Hassett, Andrew Pavuk and Marko Misko as Directors.

”Dnister is financially strong, prudentially sound and a viable business. We were established more than 65 years ago with membership now over 8,100 and assets over $173m. We are a community success story” said Chairman, Dr David Hassett. “Considerable time and effort was allocated to a number of significant projects during the year, including new, modernised banking technology, a digital internet banking portal and a mobile app”.

Dnister remains committed to supporting the financial well-being of our members and their communities.

Images from the 2018 AGM