Fees & Charges

We work hard to keep fees and charges as low as possible for our members. Take advantage and utilise the list of fee free services below.
Bring your banking across to Dnister and receive not only competitive products, but also a transaction allowance through our *Loyalty Fee Rebate Program.

Like to know about maximising your membership?
Speak to our members services team to find out more about the Loyalty Fee Rebate Program.

Free Services

  • 24 hour Online Banking access

  • eStatements (via Internet Banking)

  • June and December paper statements

  • BPAY payments via Internet Banking

  • Transfers between any Dnister accounts

  • Over the counter cash and cheque deposits

  • Bank@Post deposits

  • Direct Credits

  • Visa Debit purchases when using PayWave or pressing credit option

 Fees & Charges

 Effective 1st March 2019
Counter cash withdrawals (3 free per month) $3.30
Counter BPAY payments (4 free per month) $2.00
Counter external transfers (4 free per month) $2.00
ATM balance enquiry¹ $2.00
ATM withdrawals¹ $2.00
ATM declined transaction¹ $2.00
EFTPOS withdrawal (with or without cash-out) $1.00
EFTPOS declined transaction $1.00
Member cheque withdrawals $1.00
Direct debits – per item $0.30
Osko / Other external transfer debits – per item $0.30
Bank@Post withdrawals $3.50
Declined Bank@Post transactions $2.50


¹ Some Financial Institutions charge a fee at their current ATM withdrawal rate, which is accepted by you at the time of the transaction.

Take advantage of a monthly transaction allowance based on your level of savings and / or loans relationship with Dnister. This program provides our young and loyal members with a bonus monthly fee allowance:

Members 18 years and under (monthly allowance) $25.00
Full time students – ID required (monthly allowance) $25.00
Members relationship balance $0 – $24,999 $4.00
Members relationship balance $25,000 – $99,999 $10.00
Members relationship balance $100,000+ $25.00
International bank draft $20.00
International Funds transfer – AUD $41.00
International Funds transfer – Other Currency $30.00
International funds trace, stop or refund fee ² $30.00
International funds amendment $30.00


² fee plus exchange rate difference

Paper statements – monthly / quarterly (domestic) $3.00
Paper statements – monthly / quarterly (international) $5.00
Historical copy of statements (per statement) $5.00


Corporate cheque withdrawal $5.00
Bank cheque (Westpac) $10.00
Corporate cheque stop request $10.00
Member cheque book – 25 cheques $7.50
Member cheque book – 50 cheques $15.00
Member cheque book – 100 cheques $30.00
Member cheque book – 200 cheques $60.00
Stop cheque but then presented $35.00
Member cheque copy $15.00
Dishonoured cheques deposited to your account $15.00
Dishonoured cheques drawn by you $20.00
Honoured cheque drawn by Member $10.00
International cheque deposited POA
Card replacement fee $10.00
Visa emergency card / cash overseas 5 POA
Visa chargeback statement $35.00
Visa currency conversion Fee 2.00%
Currency conversion admin fee 1.00%
ATM and EFTPOS Dispute $35.00
Visa card fee (per annum) $10.00
Term Deposit early withdrawal penalty interest 2.00% p.a.
Minimum withdrawal is 50% of term deposit
Establishment fee – Business Loan $600.00
Establishment fee – Home Loan $500.00
Establishment fee – Personal Loan $100.00
Establishment fee – Personal Overdraft $250.00
Establishment fee – Equity Access $500.00
Top up Fee – Home Loan Increase $300.00
Monthly fee Free
Outsourced mortgage costs ³ POA
Late repayment $25.00
Penalty Interest +2.00% p.a.
Redraw fee (over the counter) $20.00
Redraw fee (internet) $10.00
Overdrawn account fee (plus penalty interest) $10.00
Overdraft excess fee (plus penalty interest) $10.00
Early redemption (Premier Home Loan) ⁴ $600.00
Security Fee $200.00
Variation Fee $200.00
Discharge Fee $200.00


³ Valuation, legal, stamp duty, third party charges and loan default recover costs passed on at cost
⁴ Applies to loans contract prior to July 2011

Dormant account service fee (per annum) $30.00
BPAY error trace or correction⁵ $15.00
BPAY rejected transaction $15.00
BPAY investigation request⁵ $10.00
Inter Credit Union withdrawal $10.00
BPAY / external transfer returned (member error) $25.00
Dishonour of direct debit $15.00
Honour of direct debit / member cheques $10.00
Direct Entry / Member Cheque trace $50.00
External transfer trace or recall of funds $50.00
External transfer returned transaction $5.00
Direct entry mistaken payments $55.00
Direct entry cancellation (payment pending) $20.00
Direct entry cancellation (payment made) $100.00
Osko mistaken payment POA
Information retrieval $20.00 per 15 minutes
Third party fees and charges – special request⁵ POA
Real Time funds transfer – Inward $5.00
Real Time funds transfer – Outward $20.00
Real Time funds transfer cancellation $25.00
Real Time funds transfer amendment $25.00


⁵ When a service or special request requires a third party service, members will be provided a quotation of the fee payable to the third party provider and any applicable processing fees by Dnister.




Tips to minimise fees and charges

  • Take advantage and utilise the list of fee free services

  • Increase your relationship balance with Dnister – bring across your savings or loans to receive a transaction allowance through our *loyalty fee rebate program

  • With Visa Debit use PayWave or press the credit button when making purchases

  • Try to withdraw enough cash in one transaction to meet your weekly cash requirements

  • Use EFTPOS for withdrawing cash at the same time as you make a purchase

  • Use online banking for BPAY transactions to pay your bills rather than cash or cheque

  • Use low-cost or free transactions where possible

  • Avoid overdrawn fees, dishonour fees & interest charges by having sufficient cleared funds in your account

Things you should know
Dnister provides its members with the opportunity to minimise fees and charges on their transactions. For detailed information about our fees and charges, please check the Terms and Conditions, Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and / or conditions of use for your account, product or service. If you require clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask us.