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We understand that everyone requires different financial products and services, depending on what stage you’re at in your life.
That’s why Dnister offers a range of  financial products and services to our members with flexible features and benefits.

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Premier Home Loan

Our most popular loan product

Interest Only Loan

Effective finance for your investment

Equity Access

Access your built-up equity

Personal Loan

For any worthwhile purpose

Personal Overdraft

Freedom with on-demand funds


Protect yourself and your assets

Business Loan

Achieve your business goals sooner

Business Overdraft

Manage your business cash flow needs

Foreign Exchange

International currency and more

Community Access

Daily account for community groups

Community Saver

Feel good while you save

Pensioner Savings

Everyday account tailored for Seniors

Bonus Saver

Earn bonus interest by saving every month


Plan for your financial future


Plan for your financial future

MYOB Banklink

Plan for your financial future

Eftpos Services

Plan for your financial future

Financial Planning

Plan for your financial future