Customer Owned Banking Association

Dnister’s longtime partner, COBA is the Customer Owned Banking Association and industry advocate for Australia’s customer owned banking sector.

The customer owned banking sector has combined assets of $111 billion, offering Australians a competitive alternative to banks and access to a range of savings, investment, loan and insurance products. Unlike banks, profits are not paid to external shareholders, but put back into better products and services for customers and their local communities.

The association is a strong public advocate, pushing for more banking competition and a fairer operating system to help our industry challenge the big banks dominating the market.

Own your banking - Dnister has a longtime partnership with the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA)

Benefits of Banking with Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative  

Your deposits are covered by the Government Guarantee

The most important reason for choosing a credit union such as Dnister is that we are customer owned, meaning we put our customers FIRST.

Credit unions are not publicly-listed companies and so, unlike the publicly-listed banks, we don’t have the pressure to maximise profits to pay any external shareholders.

Instead, we put our profits back into better rates, fairer fees, responsible lending and outstanding customer service.

Credit unions, mutual banks and building societies exist for their members: being customer owned organisations, they are fully owned by their members.

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Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA)