Dnister held its very own national business development and sales seminar at its head office in Essendon over the weekend.

The seminar was attended by head office staff, our Deputy Chairman, Michael Kornitschuk and interstate colleagues from our Sydney agency, Adelaide branch and Geelong branch who all made the wonderful effort to be there.

The lovely afternoon consisted of our key staff presenting analysis’ of their very own markets to give us all deep insights into their branches or agencies.

The first half of the seminar touched on topics such as strategy, growth, our mission and our vision for the future. Our CEO, Liam Tiernan, presented achievements we have accomplished in the past few years, including our successful Latvian merger, introduction of online banking portal and our recent mobile app launch.

Our Marketing and ICT Executive, Sonja van de Camp discussed the importance of Dnister’s ability to change with the times, touching on the topic of diversity and enhancing the experience our members have when they interact with us.

Our Lending and Member services Executive, Ivanka Bernyk presented us with the latest statistics and progress.

We had our Deputy Chairman, Michael Kornitschuk brief us on what is most important – Our members and how we use our skills and knowledge to help them with their crucial needs.

Our core values were also discussed including continuously supporting our Ukrainian and Latvian communities through cultural, religious and educational organisations and events, being active and trusted financial partners to all our members, as well as continuously improving the experience and value we give to our members through delivering great products and services and helping them with all their financial needs.

We ended the first session with a team building activity to enhance communication skills by building mini LEGO houses.