Secure access with convenience at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With today’s busy lifestyle, accessing your money couldn’t be easier banking online. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Dnister offers online and mobile banking.



 Online Banking Application | Modify Online Daily Transaction Limits


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Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to manage your funds securely at your convenience.

From moving money internally and externally, paying bills, activating your Cuecard online banking is another way to take control of your finances.

  • Check current savings, investments and loan account balances
  • Review and print account transactions
  • View interest earned on your accounts
  • Transfer funds between Dnister accounts
  • Transfer funds to other financial institutions in Australia
  • Pay your bills online using BPAY®
  • Manage your bills with BPAY View®
  • Arrange periodical and future-date payments
  • Activate Cuecards
  • Change contact details

Simply complete an Online Banking Application form.

Dnister provides members an additional security feature for online banking called Secure SMS.

‘Secure SMS’ uses the safety of your mobile phone or landline to increase your online security.

If someone were to access your accounts online, they would not be able to transact. A 6 digit number would be sent to your nominated mobile phone or landline via ‘Secure SMS’ which is used as your second authentication to carry out certain transactions, that require a higher level of security – such as external transfers.

This service is also designed to protect other important areas, such as your personal details, and the change of periodic payments, batch transfers (for Business Banking), and BPAY details.

Upon your first login into your internet banking account, you will need to confirm and register your nominated phone numbers on our completely secure system. Upon registration, a one off 6 digit number will be sent to your nominated number, which will need to be entered into our system.

Once you have entered this number, the service will be activated.

Customise – saved favourites
Once you have  signed up, you will be able to continue transacting with ease through your saved, and previously set up, transfer accounts. This will be a list of destinations that you commonly transfer money to externally, internally, and via BPAY.

By placing destinations on this list, you are not required to be notified via SMS whenever money is transferred to and from your accounts. This will save you receiving any unnecessary messages on your phone.

Changing your Details
If at any point you would like to change the settings you have created, you have the option to change your personal information, saved favourites, and other important details.

Please note, the phone numbers that will appear on your internet banking are the ones you have provided Dnister with your member account. If these details are incorrect, or there are no numbers on the system, you will need to contact our member services officers and have the information updated.

If at any point you need more information, or you need help understanding the service, please contact one of our member service officers. 

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a service that allows you to access your accounts using your internet enabled smartphone. The screen layout and text size has been tailored for smartphones to enable easier navigation –  no more pinching and stretching!

Mobile banking is available to all members who are registered for Internet Banking. You can access popular online banking functions from your smartphone wherever you are, whenever you want. Whether you’re on a holiday, overseas, shopping or just out and about, our Mobile Banking offers great convenience.  Refer to your local carrier for respective data and roaming charges that may apply.

  • View account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Transfer to external Accounts*
  • Pay bills with BPAY®*
  • Easy Pin Access
  • Register for email alerts

* To ensure security on your device, you may only transfer to external accounts or BPAY® to existing pre-authorised billers and accounts.   New billers or external accounts require second authentication via internet banking that you need to access through your PC and second authentication secure SMS. Note that normal transfer limits apply.

Mobile Banking is available to everyone who’s registered for Internet Banking. You don’t need to complete any additional forms. Simply click on the menu login link that is located on our website.

If you are on a mobile device you will then be automatically be transferred to register your mobile device :

  • Enter your Member Number
  • Enter your current Internet Banking Password
  • Set your new easy access 4 digit PIN
  • Name your device – ie Yuri’s iPhone
  • Review and accept the terms and conditions of use
  • That’s it!

Next time you return you will only require the PIN to access your accounts. It’s that easy! Hint* Create a shortcut on your smartphone home screen and have quick and easy access with one touch!

Business and community clients who currently use the business internet banking option that provides multiple signatory and batch options are not able to use mobile banking.  Mobile banking is provided for single member use.

Members who are not registered for internet banking need to register for this service.  Once you have registered the mobile banking option will be provided.

To register, download and submit an application form.   

The Mobile Banking service provides members with quick and easy access to your accounts on the go. You can view, pay and transfer to any previous biller or external account.  To ensure security – second authentication by SMS via internet banking will be required to load any new billers or external accounts. We recommend that members also utilise their phones lockout pin if using the mobile banking solution and to not use the same PIN for mobile banking. Never write down your PIN or Passwords!security-icon
That’s ok! When you go to the mobile banking login screen there is an option ‘forgot my PIN’.  To reset your PIN you will need your Internet banking Member Number and Password.  If you have locked your device you will need to contact Dnister to have your Device unlocked. mobile-banking-forgot-pin 
For easy login you can create a shortcut on your smartphone.

To create a shortcut, access the first login page on your internet browser,  go to options and select “add to home screen” “create a link” ” or add “favourite to home page”.

Smartphones vary with brand and software and steps to create a link on your home screen. If you are unsure how to do this we recommend that you contact your phone provider.homescreenshortcut  

Would like to know more? Need help? Feel free to visit your local branch and have a chat to our Member Service Officers or contact us for any queries or assistance.  



Business Banking

Manage your business accounts online with Business Banking.

Dnister provides for small to medium size business a tailored functionality for Business Banking called – Batch Transfers.

This features allows to process a combination of transactions  at the one time with multiple signatories on the business accounts.

Where a batch is created on an account which requires more than one signatory, the batch must be approved by the required number of signatories before it can be processed.

A batch can be created by one signatory, but it will stay in a pending status until the second signatory logs in and applies the necessary authorisation.

This makes for a more secure mode of banking for any business, and minimises the ability for anyone to transfer your funds without permission.

The different level of access which can be set for each signatory is as follows:

  • Batch View Only – allows a signatory to view a batch only
  • Create & Update Only – allows for a signatory to create and update a batch but not approve or submit for processing
  • Create, Update & Approve – allows a signatory to create, update and approve a batch but not submit for processing
  • Full Access – allows a signatory to create, update, approve and submit a batch for processing

The batch functionality also allows members to upload and process a ‘cemtex’ or direct entry batch which has been created in a member’s accounting package (eg. MYOB or Quicken). This functionality is most ideal for accounts owned by businesses, groups, schools or organisations.

To setup Business Banking or find out more contact our Member Services Team.

General Advice Warning: In providing you with this information, you should consider the appropriateness of this product or service with regard to your particular financial situation and needs. We advise that you carefully read our Product Disclosure Statement and associated Disclosure Documents before acquiring a product.