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Other Banking Services

Fast, convenient and secure.

Choose from a variety of easy and secure ways to manage your funds. Make payments, deposits and withdrawals in ways to suit your lifestyle.


Pay bills with BPAY

No queues, no cheques, no waiting. Paying bills with BPAY is almost too easy.

Offered on over 45,000 bills , you can pay many bills within minutes. Just look for the distinctive BPAY logo, locate the Biller Code and your Customer Reference Number (CRN) on your bill, then log-on to Dnister’s online banking or visit any branch to make a payment.

Take advantage of online access to manage your bills and choose the bank account you’d like to pay specific bills from. Schedule your payments for a later date or specify your payment frequency.
So you have control — anytime, anywhere.1


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How to BPAY online

Simply locate the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number (CRN) on your bill and use those details at a branch or online to process the payment.

Step 1.
Log onto online banking

Step 2.
Select ‘Transfer’ then ‘BPAY’

Step 3.
Select a biller from your existing BPAY list2

Step 4.
Enter required details

Step 5.
‘Continue’ to confirm payment details and ‘Process’ to finalise your payment.

1BPAY is accessible anywhere and anytime you have access to Dnister’s online or mobile banking.
2New biller details can only be added through your online banking login. To add a new biller, complete the required details and verify the payment with the ‘secure sms’ code.

Get bills online with BPAY View

BPAY View allows you to view and pay bills through online banking.

You can:

  • Receive email notifications of bills
  • View and pay your bills through online banking
  • Store all of your bills in the one place
  • Provide security via a single secure login


Click here for participating BPAY View billers


Not registered for internet banking?

Digital banking application





How to register to BPAY View

You need to be registered with Dnister online banking.

Step 1.
Log onto online banking

Step 2.
Select ‘Transfer’

Step 3.
Select ‘BPAY View Registration’

Step 4.
Enter the BPAY View Biller details.1

Once the biller is active, you’ll receive your next bill through BPAY View.

1It can take up to 24 hours for a new BPAY Biller to become active.

Direct Credits

Save time and money by having your pay, government payments, rent and other receipts directly credited into your Dnister account.

Simply provide the following information to the person or organisation making the payment to you:

Name of Financial Institution: Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative
BSB: 704-235
Your Name
Your Account Number

Credit Splits

You can have your credit split into a number of  Dnister accounts, making it easier to:


  • Reach your savings target
  • Repay loans
  • Ensure sufficient funds are available for direct debits

Download Form

Direct Credit Split Form

Direct Debits

Have you ever forgotten to pay your bill on time and incurred a late fee? You can avoid these situations by having regular payments debited directly from your Dnister account.


Simply provide the following information to your supplier:

Name of Financial Institution: Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative
BSB: 704-235
Your Name
Your Account Number

 View fees & charges

Things you should know
Please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your account to cover all debits. If there are insufficient funds, the debit may be rejected and a fee may be charged.

Depositing Funds

There are a number of ways you can deposit funds into your Dnister accounts:


  • In person at one of our Branches or at our agency
  • By mail for cheques and money orders only, do not send cash
  • Via Westpac Bank branches into your account with a linked deposit book
  • Direct Credit, eg. have your salary, Centrelink payments and/or share dividends credited directly into your account
  • Bank@Post at participating Post Office outlets using your Cuecard
  • Online Banking

 Depositing Funds from Overseas

Deposits can be made into Dnister’s account with the Commonwealth Bank by providing the following details to the bank where the funds are coming from:

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Bank Address: 1091 Mt. Alexander Road, North Essendon, VIC 3040 Australia
BSB: 063-129
Account Number: 312910010921
Account Name: Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd
Details of Payment: Account Name and Account Number

Things you should know
To ensure funds are sent directly to your nominated Dnister account, the Account Name and Account Number must be included the ‘Details of Payment’. If these details are incorrect or not included, the funds could be delayed or unclaimed.

Withdrawing Funds

There are a number of ways funds can be withdrawn using:


  • ATM’s in Australia and overseas
  • eftpos terminals across Australia
  • Online banking
  • Electronic payments and transfers, including BPAY
  • Bank@Post at participating Australia Post outlets
  • Authorised Direct Debits to a third party

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Internal and External Transfers

Internal and external transfer of funds can be done through Dnister online banking and at any of our branches.

Internal transfers – instant transfer
External transfers – 24 hours


Internal Transfer to another Dnister Member

To transfer funds to an account within Dnister, you will need the following details:

Account Number; and
The first 3 letters of the members surname


External transfers outside of Dnister

To transfer funds outside of Dnister you will need the following details:

Account Name
Account Number
BSB Number
Reference (invoice number, senders name)

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