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Our Story

Dnister is a true community success story. We began in 1951 as a self-help lending group under the name of Self Reliance and our goal was to provide financial help to newly arrived Ukrainian migrants.

Over time, the banking industry regulations evolved and resulted in the establishment of Dnister as a member-owned Credit Society in 1959.

It was from these humble beginnings that the current day financial institution emerged. We now have a membership of over 8,100 and assets over $171m. We are an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). We are Australian owned and operated – independent, secular and non-political.

Dnister is proud of its heritage and its status as the largest ethnic-based credit co-operative in Australia.

Our Mission

To assist our members achieve financial advantage, prosperity and wealth and to enrich their communities.

Our Vision

To be the financial services provider of choice to our members and their communities.

We will achieve this Vision by:

  • Ensuring we are a sustainable and well managed financial institution

  • Gaining the confidence and trust of our members

  • Understanding members’ particular financial needs and assisting them to achieve their goals

  • Providing timely and high quality customer service

  • Continually striving to enhance our members’ financial security and welfare by providing competitive products and services

  • Sharing profits among members and their communities

  • Promoting democracy, equity and fairness among members, for the benefit of members.

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