Dnister is proud to have sponsored Schedrij Vechir at the Ukrainian Community Centre in Noble Park on Sunday the 20th of January.

Our Chairman, Dr David Hassett attended the celebration to present a sponsorship voucher from Dnister to Eugene Stefyn, president of the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria (Noble Park Branch).

Dr. Hassett also spoke to those who attended the wonderful celebration and highlighted how important our members are to us.

“Our members are both our customers and our shareholders – we exist to benefit them, we do not need to choose between our customers and our shareholders,” said Dr.Hassett. ” Our focus is on making enough profit to remain viable and to enable us to develop new products and services for our members. This is demonstrated by our support for our members and their community to the tune of almost $300,000 in the last year and $3M in the last twelve years.”

Dnister would like to thank the Association of Ukrainians in Victoria (Noble Park Branch) for organising a wonderful Christmas celebration and for allowing us to take part.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of our great products and services and look forward to further developing and strengthening our relationship with our members and their communities well into the future!