School and Student funding Program

For over 60 years, Dnister has understood the importance of nurturing language and culture with our youth.

In doing so, the Co-operative continues to support Ukrainian and Latvian schools across Australia by providing an annual funding program. This is designed to meet the company’s objectives in fulfilling its mission of providing financial advantage to its members.

The funding is broken into two sections; commitment to schools, and commitment to students.


Dnisters commitment to Schools and Playgroups

Our ongoing commitment to schools over many years has not changed,
and has now been extended to Latvian Schools and Playgroups. Schools and Playgroups with an active Dnister membership are still eligible to receive an annual grant. Your school or playgroup will receive the total number of students x $25.00, to be used for the support of achieving its own objectives.


In 2019, Dnister provided:

Schools and Playgroup Funding

Dnisters commitment to Students

Ukrainian and Latvian school students will be eligible to receive $25 into their Dnister accounts, for the promotion of their curricular activities.
Students who are not active members have the opportunity to contact Dnister to sign up for membership.



In 2019, Dnister provided:

Student Funding

Important Dates

Applications are now closed for 2019.

Become a Dnister member

Frequently asked questions

Student Application Forms are available from either your Ukrainian or Latvian school principal or any Dnister Branch.

Students who are Dnister members are eligible to receive $25.00.

Of course! Please contact us so we can arrange a membership pack.

The opening date is 1st February and the closing date is the 1st of May 2019.

Your signed and completed Student funding applications are to be returned to your local Ukrainian or Latvian School. The schools will then verify and submit all student funding applications to Dnister.

All funding applications will be processed by mid June 2019.

Yes, all students and parents will be advised.

Ukrainian and Latvian schools need to be active Dnister members to be eligible for School Funding. Please contact the Marketing Department on 03 9377 1177.