We announce to our members that following the recent Reserve Bank decision, we have again reduced our interest rates, this time by 0.12%, across our owner occupier, investor and personal loans. The rates are at historically low levels. Balancing the rates for loans and deposits for all members is important, taking into account the demands of our members and market conditions.

“As a member owned financial institution it is important to pass on all possible savings to our members.” said David Hassett, Chair, Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative.

The rate change will be applied to existing member owner occupier, investor and personal loans on 30th October 2019, which will provide savings to borrowers and will reduce their repayment obligations.   Members can adjust their repayments in line with the reduction or alternatively maintain their current repayments to pay down their debt faster.

Dnister is committed to maintaining competitive home loan and savings rates for members so that you may benefit from our competitive products and personalised member service delivery.

Interest rates on Savings accounts will also be changing on 16th October and Term Deposits have also changed. Members can view the details on their statement or by visiting our website.

Feel free to contact one of our team members if you have any questions.